Friday, July 14, 2017

Demand of Indian Ethnic Wear In America

The traditional clothing of India for men and women has become trendy in the USA. Many e-commerce companies and apparel web portals are selling their latest collections via the internet. I visited the USA a year back and thought that Indian ethnic wear might not be so famous in that country. But, I got amazed to see the high demand of ethnic outfits.

I’ve seen women wearing bangles with ethnic Indian outfits in women in the US.I got amazed to see this and came to know the popularity of Indian wearing in abroad. The desi looks that I had seen was the first experience for me in that country. Then, I visited several others places in America and found many natives in the ethnic Indian clothing.

American tour has drastically changed me my mind-set. I decided to become a fashion designer and sell Indian ethnic wears in the western countries where I can get the handsome amount for my work.

The Demand of Indian Ethnic Wear Abroad

People living overseas don’t wear on a daily basis. They look for specific occasions to wear such outfits. Like large Indian get together in festivals like Diwali or traditional Indian wedding. Millions of Indians are living in the US and in the festive season they make a large gathering and celebrate the religious events. During that time, they can be seen wearing the ethnic wears in style. They are strongly connected to their roots and following their traditions and customs like they used to in India.

The rapid growth in Indian fashion industry has made it fast-moving and demanding in the foreign markets. Many fashion designers and merchants are working together to export the exclusive outfits abroad. The Indian clothing market has been increasing at a rapid pace. Its market in foreign countries has reached to million dollars. NRIs are the main buyers of ethnic wear.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Garhwali Traditional Dress For Men and Women

Garhwal is a division of Uttarakhand, the northern state of India. Surrounded by the hilly area, the beautiful area has its own charm. The native people have their exclusive culture, customs and traditions. Their clothing also varies according from other parts of the country. I am also a Garhwali guy and I love to wear its traditional outfits.

Traditional Clothing for Men In Garhwal

Men like to wear simple outfit in the hilly areas such as long kurta, shirt, pyjama, a round cap, sadri (a type of jacket) and other stuff. Woollen jackets are also famous in the cold weather conditions of hills.

Traditional Clothing for Women In Garhwal

Women usually wear saree, Angra (a type of jacket) and woollen clothing as Garhwal mainly remains cold. Orhni is also worn by females in the hilly area. Females of the region are known for doing hard work in mountains. So, they wear proper clothing that protects them from cold as well as other things in mountains.

Girls generally wear Salwar Kamiz with Dupatta. Phantu (a type of scarf) is also famous among girls.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

What To Wear and What Not To Wear In India

An appropriate getup is necessary for India to move around comfortably and relish the country’s great culture with its clothing. I’m an Indian and I know what you should wear and what to avoid. I always wear a right outfit and also suggest my friends and close companions do so.

One of my readers who is planning to visit Indian in few days has just dropped me a message stating that he wants to know what he and his girlfriend should wear and what should not war in India. Then, I thought to come up with this blog post.

First of all, it is important to understand that the society of India has a conservative mind-set. Women can be seen covered from head to toe. However, conservation is not prevalent everywhere. In big cities, guys and girls can be seen wearing western outfits and showcasing their lively lifestyle. As India is a huge country with so many cultures, traditions, customs, religions, and languages, its diversity can also be seen in its clothing.

Various types of wearing sarees can also be seen. Some are worn with nothing visible. On the other hand, some sarees are worn with V shape and open back blouses that look hot.

I have seen many sexy women in different parts of India wearing traditional clothing like lehenga choli, saree and kurta salwar still their curvy figure is visible. The conservative people say that western dresses are seductive but I say that Indian clothes are more seductive. Whenever I saw any girl wearing such clothing walking on the street, I get amazed of her natural beauty in the stunning outfit.

You’ll surely come across some stunning beauties wearing striking outfits with backless blouses and attractive designs. Bollywood style apparels are well-known for their glamour. Bollywood actors and actresses can be seen wearing mixed and modern outfits.

Youngsters can be seen wearing western clothing. This is not due to Bollywood but Hollywood. Young guys and girls follow Hollywood movies and closely observe their celebrities.

Boys and girls in the big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore can be seen wearing party wear and visiting clubs at the late nights. Their broad-minded thinking makes them apart from the conservative minds.

Two Types of India

I can see two types of India. First one is very conservative that follows all traditional values and stick to the basis. It has no scope for the outer cultures. Girls wear full-length clothing in this India. On the other hand, I can see a modern India of 21st century that follows the western culture. In this India, girls are allowed to do all those things that boys can do. Even there is no restriction on girls to choose their outfits. They can wear whatever they like and roam around.

Many fashion designers have also experimented the mixed Indo-Western clothes. But, I don’t like any modification in the traditional Indian clothes as they appear outstanding in their true appearance. Let’s traditional be the traditional clothing. There are certain outfits that should be leaved like that.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Online Website To Buy Indian Clothes On Sale

If you are like me and interested in Indian clothes and seek its online buying options, you are at the right platform. I have purchased so many traditional Indian clothes via the internet. In this video, I am going to share you some online websites from where you can buy Indian clothes on sale.

Here are some of the suitable options below:

Apart from them, there are other websites as well wherein you can get the latest collection of Indian clothes. Just check out some suitable options to make a right move and pick the best clothing to review the available alternatives. 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Indian Woman Traditional Dress

Women wearing Indian traditional dresses look astonishing. Their personality simply improves after wearing such outfits. These days, people are seeking suitable options by reviewing their details online. As many choices are available, it has become easy for buyers to pick the right product.  Indian clothing for women can be easily found as their many alternatives are available.

Window Shopping For Indian Traditional Dresses

Female buyers in India are too much into window shopping. They just want to see various outfits and pick the best suited one. I shopped with my upcoming wife and her sister today for my wedding. My fiancée just eat my brain. She went through shops in Sarojini Nagar Market in Delhi. I just experienced a new thing today that shopping with Indian women is not an easy task. They will give you all shopping bags and move around from one place to another. My bride-to-be was really happy after buying two saree and three suit salwar in 5 hours of shopping. If I would have to buy to such number of clothing, I would have done it in a few minutes.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Why Indian Girls Love Wearing Traditional Clothing?

The traditional attires of India are attractive, beautiful, nicely embroidered and highly renowned. Especially for girls, India dresses have so many choices. Though westernization has influenced youngsters, still they like stay in touch with their roots. This reflects in their clothing. On festivals like Diwali and Raksha Bandhan, girls wear their traditional outfits. Apart from festivals, you can find Indian girls wearing traditional clothing on wedding ceremonies, rituals events, parties, etc.

Indian girls who like abroad also like to wear their traditional clothing. Many Indian fashion designers are offering their clothing in other parts of the world. E-commerce companies and fashion brands have also made it easy to reach traditional clothing of India reach all across the globe. Gils can easily buy the desired clothing online and get the clothes as per their convenient time and place.

Trend of Indian Clothing

The booming market of traditional Indian clothing has been increasing over the years. Women are the main buyers of such outfits. They just want to enhance their appearance by wearing some unique clothing. This dream becomes true by adorning the traditional attires of India. A wide range of traditional attires for girls is available such as suit salwar, saree, lehenga choli, churidar salwar, ghagra choli, etc. These costumes have further divided into so many categories. Hence their choices are so many and one can easily pick the best clothing as per her needs.

How Are Girls Influenced from Traditional Dresses?

Bollywood plays an essential role in displaying traditional Indian outfits in such a way that these appear stunning. Beautiful actresses wear traditional attires and sing and dance. Young girls greatly attracted towards their wearing. If you have never experienced the charm of Indian clothing, go for it once. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Hot and Gorgeous Indian and Pakistani Girls Wearing Patiala Salwar Suit

Patiala Salwar is a popular women’s clothing in India and Pakistan. As both the countries have Punjab region, the Punjabi outfit is widely known among their girls. Many girls in India and Pakistan can be seen wearing Patiala Salwar. The market for this traditional clothing is very big. Even people from other parts of the countries like to buy Patiala Salwar.

Girls love to adorn salwar kameez and look like never before. The clothing is ideal for colleges, parties, offices, weddings and other places. Churidar Patiala Salwar Suit is also widely known for its glamorous designs. By wearing the traditional costume, girls can beautify their personality and look like never before.

Attention-Grabbing Patiala Salwar Suit

On special occasions, girls like to wear Patiala Salwar Suit to look attractive. This way, they improve their personality and feel like never before. Wearing gorgeous traditional outfit boosts their confidence.

Ideal for Parties

Girls can consider the traditional clothing on special events and parties. In India and Pakistan, girls are not treated equally like boys. Wearing attractive clothing can improve their personality and make them feel superior. This is really a good option to gain some confidence.

Curvy Figure In Patiala Salwar Suit

It is possible to design a Patiala Salwar Suit in such a way that it fits perfectly to your figure. Girls can showcase their figure in this clothing. Fashion designers can also design Patiala Salwar Suit as per specific women’s figure.

Wearing a suitable Patiala Salwar Suit like Anarkali suit can make girls look awesome. Girls can easily dance and do other activities in this outfit.